In 1993, when I first started playing with the internet, I put my personal quotes collection on a web page. My intention was really to have it readily available to ME. And to practice creating a web page. I added a counter, and then realized: a few thousand people had visited my page!

So over the years, I reshaped and modified and expanded WisdomQuotes. Ads helped pay for the site, and helped pay for my time. Changes in search engine algorithms hurt, as they seemed to be preferring sites with huge numbers of quotes, including often many repeats of the same quote, over my carefully curated WisdomQuotes. (This, despite in other cases preferring carefully curated and updated sites, over those with a lot of junk.) But loyal fans still found WisdomQuotes.

Then, just a few years ago, the ISP I’d used for many years sold to a new company, and they made it impossible for me to renew my domain name, with new processes and procedures. I lost the domain name, and all the good will from that. (Someone else now has that domain name and is using it. That’s not me.)

And life got busy, so recreating it was not going to happen. Then, in 2020, just before the pandemic started, I found that the domain name was available, and grabbed it. Motivated by that, I have been recreating, redesigning, re-curating, and expanding the quotes collection from the old site.

And now, here it is!

I’m still building. Probably always will be. Unfortunately, the pandemic changed a lot of plans, as my “regular” work took a lot more time for the first two years. Not all the old quotes and topics are here, but lots of new ones. No ads yet, though they’re coming soon. But if you found this anyway — welcome!

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