Quotations about living a life.

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Philosophy Quotes

Philosophy, often described as the love of wisdom, has been a subject of contemplation and inquiry for centuries. Through the profound words of philosophers, we gain insights into the complexities…

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Success Quotes

What is success, really? Is it about winning? Wealth? Happiness? Here are some quotations that express a variety of responses to such questions.

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Losing Quotes

Loss can mean that one no longer has someone or something they valued. Losing -- whether in war or in a personal battle or in life in general -- can…

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Winning Quotes

Winning -- whether in war or in a personal battle or in life in general -- means transcending difficulties or meeting a challenge or defeating an opponent. What have people…

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Failure Quotes

What does failure mean, and how do we respond to failure? Here are some quotations that express a variety of responses to such questions.

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Tradition Quotes

A tradition is a pattern of thought or action that is passed down from past generations, as part of inherited culture. It's often used to describe a body of religious…

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Heritage Quotes

Heritage is what we inherit from those who came before. We usually talk about heritage in the sense of cultural heritage -- ideas, habits, patterns that are passed on to…

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Ancestor Quotes

Quotations about ancestors - literal or figurative ancestors, those who came before us and contributed to making us who we are today.

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Memory Quotes

Quotations about memory and memories, from writers and speakers from many times. How reliable is our memory? Are memories happy or sad? Here are some thoughts:

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Book Quotes

Books help us travel and meet new people without leaving home, find ourselves, learn new skills or knowledge, and much, much more. The right book at the right time can…

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Dignity Quotes

Quotations about dignity: the quality of being worthy of respect or honor. It is often associated with morality, self-respect, and self-esteem. Dignity is an important concept in philosophy as it…

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Making a Difference Quotes

What you do has an actual impact on the world and people around you. Here are some thoughts from the famous and not-so-famous on making a difference.