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The Golden Rule

The basic ethical principle of empathetic reciprocity -- in one form, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" -- appears in many different religions and philosophies.…

word CONSCIENCE as typed, in a typewriter

Conscience Quotes

Conscience is that still, small voice within that tells us whether something is ethically right or wrong. Here’s what some have said about conscience.

Individuality Special Feature

Individuality and Individualism Quotes

Individuality is what distinguishes or separates one person from other persons. Individualism is reliance on the individual person or self, over social control, whether overt or covert. Paradoxically, individualism can…

Felix Adler lays the cornerstone for the New York Society for Ethical Culture

Felix Adler Quotes

Quotations on a variety of topics from Felix Adler. Adler was a professor of political and social ethics, a religious reformer, and a founder of the Ethical Culture movement. He…