Vintage drawing of a 1950s traditional white family gathered around the dinner table for Thanksgiving

Nostalgia Quotes

Nostalgia is that feeling of longing one can get when thinking about the past, a longing for a time that cannot return. What have some thinkers said about nostalgia?

word fear on wall in large letters taller than the man with an axe busting a hole in the gray wall to see blue sky and clouds beyond

Fear Quotes

Quotations about fear, a powerful emotion that causes physical changes in our breath, muscles, and heart rate and can flood the veins with adrenaline. Fear can help us face danger,…

guilt word abstract in vintage letterpress wood type blocks

Guilt Quotes

Guilt is that inner sense that we've done something wrong. Here you'll find quite a variety of views of the usefulness, or not, of the emotion of guilt.

Messy collection of square notes on colored paper, each with an emoticon expressing some emotion

Emotion Quotes

Emotions are complex psychological states that involve feelings, physiological changes, and cognitions. Emotions are a natural response to internal or external stimuli and are essential to human functioning. Emotions shape…

Word cloud of many words connected with the mind, arranged to resemble a human brain from a side view

Mind Quotes

The mind, a key focus for philosophers and psychologists, is difficult to clearly define. It is our set of mental processes -- but "mental" simply means relating to or taking…