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Impermanence Quotes

You’ll here quotations on impermanence, the reality that everything changes and nothing lasts forever. Impermanence recognizes the reality of decay and ending. How does this idea that all is in flux influence the way we think about the world and our lives?

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Resistance Quotes

Resistance is active opposition to forces or practices that are accepted, expected, or established. You'll find here quotations on several kinds of resistance: resisting injustice and oppression, resistance to facing…

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New Year Quotes

Quotations about the new year, including the holiday (not always January 1, depending on culture), and the personal emotional experience of the time. From the joy of a New Year's…

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Change Quotes

Personal change, social change, change in our environment — change, as the quote goes, is the only constant in life. Yet managing change, choosing change, sticking with positive change — that can be difficult.

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Second Chances Quotes

You never get a second chance to make a first impression -- and everyone needs a second chance. Wise teachers have looked at the idea of second chances, and had…

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Resilience Quotes

Resilience -- the ability to bounce back when times and life get tough. Philosophers, religious thinkers, and social scientists have pondered what helps us to be more resilient. Is it…

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Activism Quotes

Activism is the practice of working, often vigorously, for or against social or political change, moving beyond theory to action.  Action can be direct or indirect.  Activism can include lobbying decision-makers,…