hill with dollar sign, four men in business suits, two climbing, one at top, fourth is kicked off hill by man on top

Capitalism Quotes

Capitalism as an economic and political system involves private and corporate ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, with wealth and investment decisions mainly in the hands…

Santa Claus and sleigh against moon over hilly winter landscape

Santa Claus Quotes

Santa Claus, a late legend and story about Christmas giving, is a feature of December in much of the western world.   What do we make of this imaginary figure and…

Magnificent colorful Christmas tree outdoor in a snowy night with a shooting star in the sky, for the perfect Christmas mood

Christmas Quotes

Quotations about Christmas, including the religious aspects of the holiday, and the personal emotional experience of the season and day.  Christmas is an annual festival, originally a Christian celebration of…

Close up portrait of cute Little african girl blowing at flower outdoors.

Living for Today – Quotes

Living for today, living in the present moment, is to live for meaning and joy with a focus on the now, rather than the present or the future.  In some…

Close-up Of Gratitude Word With Pen On Notebook Over Wooden Desk

Gratitude Quotes

Gratitude is a feeling of recognition and appreciation for what is good in your life.  Gratitude as a practice expresses that feeling in words and deeds.  What's the opposite of…

two older adults sitting on a pier in the water, throwing leaves in the air

Life Quotes

Quotations from many of the world's notables about living a life, especially one that is meaningful, comforting, and emotionally rewarding.  Living a life is about more than physical existence, it…

Red Rocks, Pink Cliffs, and Endless Vistas in the Bryce canyon national park

Awe Quotes

Awe is a feeling, some would call it spiritual, of reverence, deep respect, with an undercurrent of fear or wonder. We usually describe a feeling of awe when we sense…

Starry sky in winter, time lapse with circles of light in the dark sky

Reverence Quotes

Reverence implies a deep respect for something or someone, and can involve feelings of awe and wonder, fear, or admiration.   Reverence implies that the object of reverence will be treated…

Belong - Wooden 3D rendered

Belonging Quotes

Belonging is a core human need — belonging to a community, a tradition, a group.  Belonging implies one is a part of something larger than one’s self, and is accepted by others who share that membership in a secure relationship.  The negative side of belonging is that some are excluded from belonging.

Hand pointing, finger matching bright star/planet/sun

Hope Quotes

Hope is a feeling that a desired outcome can happen.  Optimism is the expectation that the desired outcome will happen.  Hope is not exactly expectation; we tend to use hope when…