View of a rear view mirror out of the left window of a car, looking back brightly on a landscape which looks darker surrounding the mirror.

Memory Quotes

Quotations about memory and memories, from writers and speakers from many times. How reliable is our memory? Are memories happy or sad? Here are some thoughts:

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Nostalgia Quotes

Nostalgia is that feeling of longing one can get when thinking about the past, a longing for a time that cannot return. What have some thinkers said about nostalgia?

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Past Quotes

Quotations reflecting on the past, sometimes in relationship to the present and future.

traditional image of Laozi, a Chinese man riding on an ox, on parchment with red marks at edge

Laozi Quotes

The legendary Chinese sage Laozi (Lao Tzu), said to have lived for almost a thousand years and to be a founder of Daoism, is usually said to have been a…

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Book Quotes

Books help us travel and meet new people without leaving home, find ourselves, learn new skills or knowledge, and much, much more. The right book at the right time can…

word fear on wall in large letters taller than the man with an axe busting a hole in the gray wall to see blue sky and clouds beyond

Fear Quotes

Quotations about fear, a powerful emotion that causes physical changes in our breath, muscles, and heart rate and can flood the veins with adrenaline. Fear can help us face danger,…

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Guilt Quotes

Guilt is that inner sense that we've done something wrong. Here you'll find quite a variety of views of the usefulness, or not, of the emotion of guilt.

Man pulling curtain of darkness to reveal a new better world. Conceptual change, two worlds, hell and paradise.

Better World Quotes

What is that "better world" that idealists and activists envision? These quotations express the ideas of many who have pondered that question.

Dictionary page defining sexism, with pink highligher marking the word sexism.

Sexism Quotes

Sexism is any discrimination on the basis of sex, as with the long history of patriarchal dominance by men of women. Feminism seeks to end sexism. Find here some quotations…

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Hell Quotes

Hell is generally conceived as a place of eternal torment in punishment for evil acts and sin. This hell may be conceived of as literal or metaphorical -- an actual…

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Heaven and Paradise Quotes

Heaven and paradise have been subjects of conjecture, fascination, and contemplation for centuries. Heaven is often depicted as a spiritual realm of eternal bliss and joy, often seen as a…