man and woman holding wedding rings

Marriage Quotes

Marriage is a human institution found in every known society. The forms and expectations change with culture and over time. Today's marriage, as expressed by many writers, requires love, respect,…

Heart with fancy border, pierced by a sword, in a cartoonish style

Bleeding Heart Quotes

The association of compassion with a bleeding heart can be attributed to the visual imagery it evokes. A bleeding heart suggests a deep emotional connection and a willingness to feel…

Close up of old English dictionary page with word anger

Anger Quotes

Anger is a powerful emotion that can often alert us to danger and move us to action. Anger can also cloud our judgment and lead to regrettable actions. Throughout history,…

stained-glass looking image of a human head against a background. Mostly blues and browns.

Philosophy Quotes

Philosophy, often described as the love of wisdom, has been a subject of contemplation and inquiry for centuries. Through the profound words of philosophers, we gain insights into the complexities…

lush green woods with a rocky trail

Nature Quotes

When we think of nature, we envision lush green forests, vibrant flowers, and clear lakes. But it goes beyond just the physical beauty. Nature is also a source of inspiration…

Blue sky with a few clouds. Against that, a bullseye target, with multiple arrows in the bullseye. Most arrows have white feathers, the one that hit dead center has red feathers.

Success Quotes

What is success, really? Is it about winning? Wealth? Happiness? Here are some quotations that express a variety of responses to such questions.

Person presenting as a male Asian teen is in front of a chessboard, with blurred shelves and chairs in background. The person's hand is covering their face, and their expression is of sadness and disappointment.

Losing Quotes

Loss can mean that one no longer has someone or something they valued. Losing -- whether in war or in a personal battle or in life in general -- can…

Against neutral background, a white-presenting hand is holding a light-colored wooden chess piece, which is knocking over a darker wooden chess piece, a king, on a surface.

Winning Quotes

Winning -- whether in war or in a personal battle or in life in general -- means transcending difficulties or meeting a challenge or defeating an opponent. What have people…

White wall with a bullseye target. A lot of arrows embedded in the wall around the target, no arrow hits the target.

Failure Quotes

What does failure mean, and how do we respond to failure? Here are some quotations that express a variety of responses to such questions.

Purple background in purples, a canvass in the foreground painted in brushstrokes in shades of purple, wiht word Grace on it. Three monarch butterflies are resting on the canvass.

Grace Quotes

Grace is a quality of life that is sometimes associated with elegance and poise, but goes beyond physical appearance. It is an inner quality that shines through our actions and…

Team brainstorming over a poster on a table with ethics written on it

Ethics and Morality Quotes

Quotations about ethics and morality. Society shapes the behavior of members by ethics and morality, which can differ from culture to culture. Some aspects of ethics are practically universal, like…